Actemra 400mg

About Actemra 400 mg | Botox for sale

Actemra 400 mg is a clear fluid that is used to treat arthritis by injecting it into the body intravenously. The main active substance of the drug is Tocilizumab, which regulates the processes of abrasion of the joints and slows the development of the disease

When can I undergo Actemra injections?

You can only be prescribed this medication by a qualified rheumatologist.

Actemra is used to treat latter stages of rheumatoid arthritis, considering that it has not been used for treatment before. Adult patients can undergo treatment for rheumatoid or juvenile arthritis when using Actemra in combination with methotrexate. If the patient has an intolerance to methotrexate, Actemra may be used as monotherapy. Inflammation has been noticed to decrease and/or disappear with the use of Actemra (Tocilizumab)

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