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You can buy Dysport online in one of the following ways:

Simply add it to Your cart and submit the order, afterwards, our team will reach You for further details;
By calling +1(240) 206-5701 , or send us a text on info@botoxons.com.

At Botoxons online store every customer can buy Dysport as retail as well as wholesale. Our store offers discounts to those who buy in big quantities. Wholesale prices You can check by visiting the product page
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Search for innovative solutions for the treatment of disabling illness and improving the quality of life of patients is the quintessence of the entire Ipsen Group’s activities. Increasing life expectancy makes the implementation of the noble vocation of the Group more important than ever and is expressed in finding effective therapeutic solutions for treating illness, relieving suffering, and benefiting the community.

Ipsen, the manufacturer of Dysport, is an international group of pharmaceutical companies that may be characterized by the following facts:

It brings together about 4,600 employees
900 employees are engaged in research and development
It represents more than 20 pharmaceuticals in more than 115 countries of the world, providing top goods for online selling and fast shipping.

Taking look back, to strengthen its presence in Britain, Northern Europe and the United States, as well as to expand the portfolio of biological products, Ipsen had bought the English company Speywood (at that time known as Porton International) in 1994, which produced the drug Dysport.

The first release of the Dysport agent was held in England in 1991. And already at the end of 2001, Dysport was available in 75 countries, including the United States, where the drug was approved in 2009.

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